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TrioClear Clear Aligner

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This occurs when the lower teeth bite over your front teeth, affecting the function of your front teeth or molars.



This occurs when there is excessive space between your upper and lower front teeth, preventing normal chewing and talking.



This occurs when your upper teeth are covering your lower teeth abnormally, leading to painful jaw irritation.

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The Free Assessment does not replace the need for a consultation with an orthodontist or dentist, as only a trained TrioClear™ Provider can determine if you are a good candidate for TrioClear™ treatment and prescribe TrioClear™. Please consult your doctor to determine if TrioClear™ treatment is right for you.

gapped teeth


Also known as Diastema, this occurs when the spaces between your teeth are too wide. This can cause gum problem.



This occurs when there is insufficient room to fit all your teeth, leading to plaque accumulation.



This occurs when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. This can happen between your upper and lower front teeth or your back teeth.

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