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TrioClear Clear Aligner

TrioClear Teens

The First Step To Confident Teens

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Start Young, Enjoy Early

TrioClear™ aligners are virtually invisible and straighten your teeth by using multiple removable clear aligners which are custom-made to gradually move your teeth step-by-step to the ideal position.

Teenagers can start the TrioClear™ treatment as early as age 13, depending on their dentition situation with a doctor consultation.

What are the Benefits of TrioClear™ Teens ?

TrioClear Clear Aligner


TrioClear™ aligners are virtually invisible, most people will not notice you are wearing aligners, and you can continue to smile with confidence at school.

TrioClear Clear Aligner

No Food Restrictions

You are able to take TrioClear™ aligners out for meals. It means there is little interruption to teenagers' life and the foods they love.

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Less Irritating To Musicians

TrioClear™ eliminates the discomfort of brackets and wires of metal braces being pushed into teenagers’ lips by a mouthpiece of musical instrument.

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Special Occasions

While teenagers will have to wear their clear aligners for at least 22 hours per day, they can remove their aligners for special occasions, like class photos, school dances or graduation ceremonies.

TrioClear Clear Aligner


Gatherings can help teenagers develop social skills, independence and confidence. Instead of running away from social interaction, it is likely that you will be starting them once you start straightening your teeth with TrioClear™.

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Since TrioClear™️ aligners do not consist of brackets and wires that can dislodge, you won’t have to worry about making emergency visits to your dentist to get your aligner fixed.

No Emergency Visits 

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Active Lifestyle

TrioClear™ aligners provide the freedom for you to participate in your favorite sports while straightening your teeth. 

TrioClear Clear Aligner

Easy Hygiene

Since TrioClear™ aligners are removable, it makes teenagers' teeth easier to brush and floss – a big difference from metal braces.

TrioClear Clear Aligner


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